IT Staffing with GAMAYAS

Gamayas is a renowned placement agency with expertise in finding eligible candidates for all sectors. Our team of experts are skilled in finding specialized staff for IT companies. We are among the top IT staffing companies in Hyderabad and offer efficient recruitment services. At Gamayas, we understand the importance of filling a vacancy on time. Expect our job consultants to fulfil your requirements in the quickest possible time.

Our job consultants are trained to understand the specific requirements of the IT sector. We can help you to choose candidates for your entry level to senior level roles. IT industries need different types of candidates for various projects. Some of them are permanent while others are contractual. Depending on the nature of the job, you can find suitable employees from our extensive database.

Contact Top IT Staffing Companies in Hyderabad

Recruitment for IT requires a thorough understanding of the sector and its various roles. Get in touch with the best IT staffing companies in Hyderabad to help you in the recruitment process. Gamayas has a team of job consultants who are trained to understand the context of every organization. Our machine learning-based search helps us to find the most suitable match for your company.

We not only match candidates’ professional skills and qualifications with the job profile, but also assess their cultural compatibility with your organization. This not only improves hiring accuracy but, also increases retention rates phenomenally and saves the hassle of finding replacements frequently.

Our IT Staffing Recruitment Process

Gamays Services, as a major recruitment agency, works on a streamlined sourcing approach to provide IT staffing services in IT, finance & accounting, manufacturing and healthcare industry with an assurance that candidates fulfil expectations and grow with the organization. We understand the client’s requirements first and then assess candidates’ cognitive abilities through screening their academic background, socio-economic background, career focus, interests, familiarity with the vacancy and business-related problems, problem-solving abilities and zeal to take up work. Traditional recruitment strategies are no longer required in this fast-paced world; hence, technological inventions need high skill sets to make large-scale shifts in the industry.

-Define talent needs by prioritizing skill sets required by the client.
-Explore the entire market rather than targeting known talent pools.
-Create responsive EVPs in accordance to clients’ vision
-Choose the best-fit resources for the business.